April 4, 2012


Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 2


Video 2

Video 3

  • val

    thanks for the site. HD and version 2 don’t play though. Also can’t put version 3 on full screen. ?

  • Seth

    This video has been removed from public access.

    • Seth

      Please fix

      • http://www.MoonlightMedia.tv/ Moonlight

        Video 2 works and 3

  • Dog

    What resolution do you guys watch this in?

  • Atriark

    The buffering is ungodly. jesus. im constantly pausing…

  • Lukas

    Can’t put it on fullscreen..

  • Frankie

    Hey, thanks for this great site, as soon as I get my next paycheck i’m donating for sure! Thanks a bunch!

    • http://www.MoonlightMedia.tv/ Moonlight

      Hi Frankie, thank you & you’re welcome, enjoy the shows!

  • Bilbo

    This is amazing, I love you! :D

  • Asdfas

    Great site.. You should make a ‘shortcut’ to “Next Episode” when watching a show so you don’t have to go find all the episodes all over again… just an idea :)

    • http://www.MoonlightMedia.tv/ AngryAngel

       I actually wanted to create that yesterday, but I simply didn’t have the time. I will create the navigation buttons for episodes very soon, either today or tomorrow.

      • Bob Smith

        I’m on episode nine, but for the link is invalid so it won’t stream.

        • http://www.MoonlightMedia.tv/ AngryAngel

          They work now, thanks for reporting. I’ll create a “report” function soon, so next time (if there is a next time), you will be able to report in the appropriate section.