April 7, 2012

Watch The Walking Dead Online

The Walking Dead is a horror series which was based on the comic book by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. The show starts with Rick Grimes, a police officer who wakes up from a coma at the hospital only to find himself in a world full of walkers. Still not being fully aware of what has happened or what is the current situation, he decides to go home only to discover that his wife and son are missing.


Rick embarks himself on a perilous journey to Atlanta as he believes that is the place where his family may be hiding. Eventually when he does reach Atlanta, he learns that the city where CDC were supposed to have a quarantined safe-zone is invaded by the undead. Luckily, Shane Walsh, his best friend who is also a police officer took matters into his own hands and watched over Rick’s wife Lori and his son Carl, finding not only a shelter, but also establishing a camp nearby Atlanta for them and other survivors.